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Prepare for Taggs!


Free reader download!

In Sweden: send a SMS with text TAGG to number 72600

Other countries: send a SMS with text BEE to number: +44 762 4802486 

Test Evigilo vCard.

vcard evigilo logga

tag along complete wb jpg

Bring in the mobile dimension in to your business puzzle - Mobile Tagging. Next step to navigate with the mobile - Take a picture! Mobile Tags - A new and complementary way to market your products and campaigns.

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BeeTagg   Technology   Example

BeeTagg is the tag technology of our choice. It has a high grade of readability, space for your logo or text and readers for a majority of the mobile phones.




Mobile Tagging is a new technology that links from a tag to an Internet location through a mobile phone with a camera. The tag holds information about a location on Internet - like a hyperlink. This reduces the typing of an internet address (URL) into a click! 




You have your business with information and offers and want to make it reachable for mobile users. 

Publish a tag with a link to the mobile page.

The content can be articles, offers, competitions, instructions - almost anything you want.




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